Prof. Emily Tumpson Molina | Fall 2021
Prof. Emily Tumpson Molina | Fall 2021





Due at the beginning of class


In-class lab

Wednesday 8/25


Introduction to the course


1/Infographic critique and math review

Monday 8/30

Description: Arrow circle outline

When + why are quant methods useful in research?

Read Pager and Shepherd, “The Sociology of Discrimination: Racial Discrimination in Employment, Housing, Credit, and Consumer Markets,” Annual Review of Sociology 34: 181-209


2/When are quantitative methods appropriate?


Wednesday 9/1

Description: Cause And Effect outline

When, how, + why to measure/ quantify social “stuff”


Read Harvard University Program on Survey Research, Tip Sheet on Question Wording )


Read Raskoff, “Measuring Abortion Beliefs”

3/ Operationalizing

Monday 9/6 – Wednesday 9/8





Monday 9/13

Description: Clipboard Partially Checked outline

When/why to design surveys


Sternheimer, “The Art and Science of Survey Writing”


4/Online surveys

Wednesday 9/15





Monday 9/20

Description: Cycle with people outline

How to design sampling strategies

* Exercise 1 due *


Read: Guide to sampling methods and best practices: Find out how sampling works, when to use it and how to select a representative sample for your research survey.:



Sternheimer, “Sociology and the Census”

5/Sampling strategies

Wednesday 9/22

Putting it all together:

research design +


Read KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: Parents and the Pandemic: Aug 11, 2021:


Read through this Google Forms tutorial:

Group proposal work – turn in progress by end of class

Monday 9/27

You have a spreadsheet! Now what?:

Basic descriptive statistics

* Exercise 2 due *


Read and examine infographic: Absolutely everything (including housing) is more expensive in NYC, BY VIRGINIA K. SMITH | FEBRUARY 3, 2017 – 9:59AM

Group proposal due by end of class

Wednesday 9/29

Visualizing data

Read Steelberg, “Data Presentation: Showcasing Your Data with Charts and Graphs,” from Creating Data Literate Students:

6/Graphs and charts in Excel

Monday 10/4

Summary statistics: measures of central tendency

Read “Central Tendency and Variability”


Read Raskoff, “Measures of Central Tendency”

7/Measures of central tendency in Excel

Wednesday 10/6


Summary statistics: measures of dispersion

Read and examine the infographic:

Infographic: shows most common birthdays. Emma Waverman.  September 17, 2014  

Look at these examples of histograms, pick a favorite, and come prepared to explain why:

Examples of histograms:

8/Measures of dispersion in Excel

Monday 10/11





Wednesday 10/13

Description: Ringer with solid fill


Come prepared with questions!


Monday 10/18

Description: List outline




Wednesday 10/20

Description: Dice outline

Probabilities +

Z-scores + the “normal distribution”

Listen (9 minutes): NPR Podcast (9 minutes):


Read Stewart, Evan. “Normal Distributions in the Wild – Sociological Images.” The Society Pages (blog), September 11, 2019.


9/Probabilities and risk

Monday 10/25

Description: Normal Distribution outline

The logic behind polling: the sampling distribution

Read Nate Silver, The Polls Weren’t Great. But That’s Pretty Normal. NOV. 11, 2020, AT 12:53 PM.  

SUST students read “Developing a Wastewater Surveillance Sampling Strategy | Water-Related Topics | Healthy Water | CDC,” June 23, 2021.

10/Evaluating polls

Wednesday 10/27

Description: Scales of justice outline

Estimation, confidence intervals, + the margin of error


Read Sternheimer, “Get to Know MoE: Why the Margin of Error Matters” (on Blackboard)


Read Lopes, Lunna, Mellisha Stokes, et al. “KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: Parents and the Pandemic – Methodology.” KFF (blog), August 11, 2021.

11/Confidence intervals + margin of error

Monday 11/1

Description: Ringer with solid fill


Come prepared with questions!


Wednesday 11/3

Description: List outline




Monday 11/8

Description: Open book outline

Intro to bivariate analysis +


Everyone read: Urban Institute. “Paired Testing,” December 10, 2014.  

SOC students read: Whaling et al. (2020), “Reduced child maltreatment prevention service case openings during COVID-19” :

SUST students read: Weber et al. (2017) “The impact of urban greenways on residential concerns: Findings from the Atlanta BeltLine Trail” (


Wednesday 11/10


Bivariate tables +

Chi square

Read Misra et al. (2020), “Determinants of Depression Risk among Three Asian American Subgroups in New York City” (

13/Bivariate tables and chi square

Monday 11/15

Description: Filter outline

Working with bivariate tables in Excel

Sue, V., & Griffin, M. (2016). Data visualization & presentation with microsoft office. SAGE Publications, Inc

(EMILY F – help?)

14/Bivariate tables in Excel

Wednesday 11/17


Visualizing info from bivariate tables

(EMILY F – help?)

15/Visualizing bivariate relationships

Monday 11/22

Description: Scatterplot outline

When you have interval variables:



* Exercise 3 due *


Read Ryzin et al. (2008), “ Measuring Street Cleanliness: A Comparison of New York City’s Scorecard and Results from a Citizen Survey“ (


16/Scatterplots + correlation in Excel

Wednesday 11/24

Description: Linear Graph outline

Getting fancier:

Simple regression

Read  Regression Analysis: In: Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods Edited by: Paul J. Lavrakas Published: 2008 DOI:

(Emily F – help?)


17/Regression in Excel

Monday 11/29

Description: Postit Notes outline

Bivariate analysis review


18/Interpreting bivariate analyses

Wednesday 12/1

Description: Group brainstorm outline

Group research and preparation

* Exercise 4 due *



Monday 12/6

Description: Customer review outline

Group research and preparation



Wednesday 12/8

Description: Presentation with pie chart outline


* Individual report + Infographic due *



Monday 12/13

Description: Ringer with solid fill

Review for final

Come prepared with questions!


Monday 12/20

Description: List outline


NOTE: 1-3p




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