Prof. Emily Tumpson Molina | Fall 2021
Prof. Emily Tumpson Molina | Fall 2021

Course Information and Policies


Office hours: Mondays/Wednesdays 1-2p

in 3606 James Hall @BC

+ by appointment on Zoom




This course introduces you to when, why, and how social scientists and other data analysts use statistics and other quantitative methods. You’ll learn when a quantitative approach to answering questions is helpful and when it can be problematic. You’ll learn to identify good surveys from bad and when to side-eye a shocking average published in the media. You’ll be able to figure out when data represent what they say they do and when they don’t. You’ll better understand odds and statistical risk, and you’ll create well-designed graphs and other visuals from spreadsheets. You will analyze NYC public data sets, identify what you can conclude from them and what would be a stretch, write about the patterns you find, and creatively represent those patterns to a professional audience. After passing this course, you can add “proficiency in Excel, spreadsheets, basic statistics, and creating infographics” to your resume, and you’ll be prepared to take more advanced courses in quantitative methods and data analytics. 



o   Be less freaked out about using spreadsheets, statistics, and

programming in social research.

o   Identify when quantitative methods are appropriate to use.


This course site + Blackboard + Excel    

A simple calculator 



Here’s how you’ll be graded:



Don’t miss any classes.  Description: Danger outlineAvoid falling behind.  Come to office hours or make an appointment to check in with me – whether or not you have a specific reason.  Description: Warning with solid fill
Try to ask at least one question per class session.  Description: Questions outlineDescription: Daily calendar outline
Do the reading.  Description: Blog outlineStudy with your classmates and take your group work seriously.  Description: Customer review outline


o   Assignments are due at the beginning of class. I don’t accept late assignments or excuse any absences without a university-approved, documented excuse (i.e. a doctor’s note.)

o   If you miss class, you miss the opportunity to turn in that day’s lab and any assignments that are due that day. You might want to check back at the way your grade is calculated, but this can end up being a pretty big deal.


I am frequently drowning in email. If you email me and you don’t hear back within 48 hours, send me a reminder. Don’t worry, you’re not being rude.

If you know you need to miss a class at some point this semester for a religious holiday, no problem! Just let me know ASAP.

o   Description: Pin with solid fillPlease stay off of your phone and other devices unless you’re taking notes or doing internet research during a lab. If you’re a caretaker or emergency worker on call, that’s different – let me know if this is the case ASAP!

o   Don’t be late.

o   I’m assuming you’re generally a respectful, reasonable student, classmate, and overall human. But in the very off chance you’re not, we might need to check in about that.

o   What email address do you have listed with BC? That’s where all my communication with you will go, so please check ASAP. All of my announcements and reminders will go to this email address – it is your responsibility to make sure it’s the correct one.


Description: Shape

Description automatically generated Exercise 1: OperationalizationDUE WEDNESDAY 9/20  IMPORTANT DATES           
Description: Schematic, icon

Description automatically generated Exercise 2: Research designDUE WEDNESDAY 9/27
Description: List outlineMidterm examMONDAY 10/18
Description: List outlineQuizWEDNESDAY 11/3
Description: Shape

Description automatically generated Exercise 3: Bivariate analysis 1MONDAY 11/22
Description: Chart, scatter chart

Description automatically generated Exercise 4: Bivariate analysis 2WEDNESDAY 12/1
Description: Blog outlineIndividual data report + infographicWEDNESDAY 12/8
Final examMONDAY 12/20


University Policy on Academic Integrity

SUPPORT, RESOURCES, + PROGRAMMING @ BCImmigrant Student Success Office + Latino Male Initiative’s Center Center
Description: Bullseye outline 

The University Policy on Academic Integrity tells you clearly what constitutes cheating and plagiarism, and the consequences for students who cheat. FYI, if a faculty member confirms cheating or plagiarism, the faculty member is required to report the violation.

State Law on Non-Attendance Due to Religious


See this and more academic policies in the

Undergraduate Bulletin.

Student Bereavement Policy

Students who experience the death of a loved one

can request accommodations. See more here.

Center for Student Disability Services

In order to receive disability-related academic

accommodations, students must first be

registered with the

Center for Student Disability Services (CSDS).

If you have already registered with the CSDS,

make sure you give me your course

accommodation form ASAP so we can discuss a

semester plan.  If you have a documented

disability or suspect you may have one, set up an

appointment with the Director of the CSDS.

The Magner Center

65% of employers prefer that college students have at least 2 internships before they graduate. The Magner Center can help you find an internship, prep your resume, and practice interviewing. They can also help you find ways of getting paid for your internship. Stay in touch with them and check their calendar for events and stipend deadlines.

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